Through the EmptyShack community, you will meet many interesting people from all over the world and make lifelong friends. While we want you to have lots of fun on your trips (and we promise you will!), we also want you to be safe and happy when you come home. Remember, a little caution can go a long way.

It’s perfectly ok to say no

When you create a trip on EmptyShack, it is your trip! You decide who joins the trip with you and who doesn’t by simply selecting the relevant option in ‘joining with permission’ while creating your trip. If you receive a joining request from a profile that seems doubtful for any reason, please feel free to say no! Having a safe trip is more important that sounding judgmental and rude.

Review profiles wisely – they say lot!

If you are joining an existing trip on EmptyShack, there will already be one or more members going on that trip. Make sure you review the profiles of such members thoroughly before deciding to join in. Take out time to read all their reviews (more the better!). Remember, an uncompleted profile or unclear profile pictures or very little profile information may be potential red flags – at all times, trust your guts. Travelling with a verified member or asking your travel buddies to verify themselves before travelling together can be one of the many ways to build trust and take care of safety. After you have joined an existing trip, it is likely that more people will be joining in to go with you. We believe more people means more fun, but do not hesitate to communicate with the trip creator and other travel buddies if you find a recent shacker’s profile to be somewhat unreliable or if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. You may also request such member to verify his/her profile before joining the trip. Your travel group will thank you for your vigilance later!

Set the expectations right - communicating through EmptyShack is very important

Finding great travel buddies (who will most likely be your friends forever!) is super simple, just communicate clearly, speak your mind and be who you really are! We strongly suggest that you don’t share your personal phone number or email address or any other personal information (including financial information) with a new person upfront unless you feel comfortable and confident doing so. Always communicate through EmptyShack. If a member with whom you have never met asks you to communicate outside EmptyShack, consider that as a red flag. We give you the option to chat with members in real time even before you join their trip or they join yours. Please use this feature a lot! This will let you know the travel preferences and trip expectations of your travel buddies beforehand and help you decide whether or not you will enjoy travelling with them. After all, compatibility is a must!

Let people know about your plans

When you travel, let people you trust know about your travel plans, your duration of stay and with who all you are travelling. In case of an emergency (if at all), this information will prove very useful. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, contact the local police and emergency services immediately.

Give back to the community - one for all and all for one!

EmptyShack community is all about trusting each other and having a great time! Make sure all shackers know of your experiences while travelling (or even planning a trip) with your travel buddies and can benefit from it. Leaving honest and informative reviews is a great way to contributing to the community.

We are here for you. Report your safety concerns to us.

Our aim is to build a safe and trusted community of global travelers based on friendship and mutual respect. Help us in achieving this goal by confidentially reporting any safety concerns or negative experiences you may have had with your travel buddies here.