The EmptyShack community is all about finding and making lifelong friends to explore this beautiful world! Since a strong relationship thrives on mutual love, trust and respect, we expect all members (we love to call ourselves ‘Shackers’!) to follow these 9 simple rules at all times when using EmptyShack.

  1. Believe in the freedom of ‘choice’ and exercise it

    We all love to travel but ONLY YOU decide who you want to travel with. Respect every Shacker’s right to choose their travel buddies. Be patient. There is a perfect travel partner out there for everyone – trust us on this one!

  2. Everybody is a Shacker first and that’s what really matters

    EmptyShack is one of the most diverse communities of global travelers and we are proud of that! We all are united by the spirit of curiosity, friendship and passion for travel. No matter where you come from or the languages you speak or the culture you follow – as Shackers, we will welcome all with a high five.

  3. It is ok to disagree but not to disrespect

    We all have our share of differences but don’t let them come in way of your friendships! Always speak your mind but do not attack, disrespect or insult others who disagree with you. ? Racism and sexism of any form is strictly prohibited. Be kind, inclusive and open minded. Isn’t that what a community is all about? Violation of these rules may result in suspension of your account.

  4. Be who you are and we will love you more (it’s time tested!)

    Golden rule – never fake it in your profile (and always complete it!). Show us what it takes to be YOU! Share your unique travel stories, your actual travel plans, your Dos & Don’ts during trips – be yourself and you’ll be an awesome travel buddy for anyone!

  5. State your expectations upfront

    Our community is built on trust and honesty. Tell people what you are looking for and you will find like-minded members who are looking for the same thing. Need an adventure junkie to cycle in Argentina – that’s cool! Need a travel date in Seychelles – that’s cool too! Just be honest about your expectations from the trip and your travel buddies and there will be no hurt feelings EVER!!

  6. Be fair and pay your share (timely!)

    When the whole group enjoys, no one person should be stuck with the bill! After all, we all put in lot of efforts to save that extra bit of money to travel, don’t we? Always have a great time but never forget to pay your share!

  7. Plans change, friends don’t

    Last minute changes happen. We all know it. If for any reason you would not be able to take that trip you joined, always inform you travel buddies as early as possible. Remember, your travel buddies are relying on you and really want you in their trip – try not to disappoint them. If however you must leave a trip for compelling reasons, we are sure they will understand.

  8. Safety is important –promise to watch each other’s back!

    Safety comes first for us and it should for you too. Please read the EmptyShack Safety Rules as a first step. Always use your good judgment in choosing your travel buddies. Check the verification status, reviews and other profile details carefully before deciding to travel together.

  9. Love the community, and it’ll love you back

    Play your part in the community’s growth and make it a better place for all of us. Inspire others by sharing your exciting travel stories. Leave a fair review for your travel buddies and let everyone know how lucky you were to find them! Be a local guide to Shackers wanting to visit your city. Be the ultimate Shacker and win lifelong friends everywhere. It’s worth it!