One planet. More than 190 countries. Millions of passionate travelers (just like you!) EmptyShack is a first-of-its-kind travel community that connects you with verified and compatible travel buddies from around the world – absolutely free!

Sometimes the glamour of this big busy world distracts us from valuing what really matters – the people who live here! People like you who make a small contribution every day in making this world a tad more beautiful than yesterday. People like you who despite a zillion diversities come together to call this planet their home. People like you deserve to be known. What better way to know each other than to travel together! EmptyShack’s mission is to connect all you awesome people out there through travel and friendship. We believe exploring new places is thrilling and making lifelong friends along the way is priceless. In the end, we just want to spread some love while having lots of fun, do you?

EmptyShack community is for every person on this planet who believes in the power of travel and friendship. We do.